About Us


A few words to describe our church

  • friendly
  • loving
  • evangelistic
  • love the Lord
  • youth oriented
  • one accord
  • casual
  • country
  • old fashioned singing
  • old fashiond preaching
  • love to sing the old hymns
  • preach from the King James Version of the Bible

If you are in the Barberville area please stop by to worship with us.

How To Grow A Church!

1. Prayer
Pray for your Pastor, Youth Pastor, Teachers, Members, Visitors, Van Drivers, Workers, Officers, Musicians, Singers, and Leaders. Pray for lost souls to be saved.

2. Be Friendly
Invite everyone you can think of, Greet everyone that you can get to, Smile, Sing, Praise The Lord, Testify, and Follow up.

3. Win the Lost
Witness to your neighbors, your friends, your relatives, your postman, your paper man, your store clerk, your waitress. Leave a Gospel Tract where ever you go.

4. Give
Cheerfully, Sacrificially, Your Time, Your Talents, Your Tithe.

5. Unity
Pray for it. Strive for it, Long for it.

6. Love
Share it. Receive it. Live it.
Love Jesus. Love each other. Love the Bible. Love your church. Love the un-loveable. Love the Lost.

7. Forgive
Forgive others. Forgive yourself. Ask for forgiveness from God. Ask for forgiveness from others.

Ask yourself… Am I Growing This Church…
Or Am I Tearing It Down?